TOMA reliable Pick & Carry Cranes are built safe, strong and sturdy for tough Africa conditions, are uncomplicated to use and offer the best safety features as standard. TOMA Equipment supports all its cranes with qualified support personnel and extensive spare parts availability.

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Mobilift Hydra Pick & Carry cranes

Mobilift Hydra Pick & Carry cranes live up to their name with the reliability, strength and easy operation to pick up heavy loads and the steering flexibility to move in tight spaces.

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Karoo 30 Mobile Batching Plants

Karoo 30 Mobile batching plants batch materials according to a set recipe for the production of Ready-mix Concrete.

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Great selection of Safe, Strong and Sturdy Pick & Carry Cranes, lifting accessories as well as concrete production and handling equipment.


We provide competitively priced Pick & Carry Crane Hire Services to various clients in different industries.


We are committed to the safety of everyone and the reason we have incorporate safety features as standard.


Our dedicated people provide best in industry service, training, and replacement parts availability.

TOMA Equipment is a supplier of Safe, Strong and Sturdy Pick & Carry Cranes, lifting accessories as well as concrete production and handling equipment.

The TOMA range of Mobilift Pick & Carry cranes extends from 9-tonne models to a heavy duty crane with a load capacity of 25 tonnes. Long booms, enormous load capacities, simple operation and high safety standards make our machines flexible and economical in Tough African Conditions.

Our crane manufacturing ability allows us to produce bespoke variants dependent on customer’s needs. These industry solutions include low profile, flame proof underground mining and specialist defence force application Pick & Carry cranes.

The Karoo Mobile Dry weigh batching plants produced by TOMA allow customers to produce Ready Mix concrete. The advantages of which includes:

  • Better quality concrete is produced depend on recipe.
  • Elimination of storage space for materials needed for production of concrete at site.
  • Elimination of procurement / hiring of plant and machinery.
  • Wastage of basic materials for manufacturing concrete is avoided.
  • Labour associated with production of concrete is eliminated.
  • Time required for production of concrete is greatly reduced.



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